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Amazing flying armbar by Sideco in Grappler's Quest 2010
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Welcome to the official website of Fight Firm Philadelphia Muay Thai. We are proud to be Philadelphia's largest mixed martial arts (Muay Thai) training facility and the leader in developing mixed martial artists at both the pro and amateur level. We are the only Philadelphia Muay Thai / MMA gym with a comprehensive program teaching the four martial arts of MMA at the highest level: muay thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu / submission wrestling, and boxing. Our MMA fighters have fought for elite organizations such as the Strikeforce, Bellator, Pro Elite/ Elite XC, IFL, Adrenaline, M-1 Global, Cage Fury, Ring of Combat, and many other local and regional promotions. We currently house 5 MMA champions, as well as national champions in muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu/submission wrestling (NAGA Grappler's Quest), and boxing. We also have top pros and amateurs from other Tri-State Area schools stopping by every week as guests to train with our instructors and fighters, and we provide a training venue for fighters who are in Philadelphia to compete in major MMA events.

Our athletes enjoy the benefits of a full weight room, 10 heavy bags, 3 double-end bags 2 uppercut bags, 2 speed bags, an official full stage 22 ft. x 22 ft. boxing ring, full stage 24 ft. competition MMA cage, and Zebra mat space of over 1,800 sq/ft. bordered on both sides with a cage wall for cage ring simulation and drills.

All of Our classes are taught by elite instructors who are also MMA fighters, and our classes are designed for both the casual and competitive athlete, and aim to push each participant to his or her limit.

There are no prior martial arts or fitness requirements at our Muay Thai / MMA gym . We specialize in working with those who have never been involved in any kind of martial art and are interested in improving their health, as well as those who would like to learn basic self defense.

We have a top competition team and and we are always looking for new talent. Our competition team trains morning, afternoon, and night, so there is always a session that you can participate in. We make our facility available almost 24/7 for members of our competition team so that they can hone their skills and pursue their dream of a career in MMA.

We encourage everyone to come and take our classes for free for one week with no commitment.

Please feel free to stop in anytime and check out our facility or contact us at 267-318-7707,

Philadelphia Muay Thai Classes

We have the best Muay Thai classes with top instructors teaching great Muay Thai techniques learned from world class Muay Thai Krus. You will learn moves like push kicks, cutkicks, teeps, body kicks, elbows, knees and clinching.

Muay Thai Schools

There is no other Muay Thai school like us. We have great padwork and great fighters to learn from. Our Muay Thai technique is top notch. Our instructors have trained over in Thailand taught by world class Muay Thai fighters.

Muay Thai Brands

A couple very popular Muay Thai brands are Windy, Twins, Top Kings, and Boon. Using anyone of these brands will be more than satisfactory for hitting the heavy bag or hitting pads.

Muay Thai Elbows and Knees

Elbows and knees in the sport of Muay Thai are what makes the sport such and effective devastating martial arts. - MAS Martial Arts Equipment - MMA Gear

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